Our story begins in the Mid 1970’s, when our second child was diagnosed with severe allergies. He couldn’t have any products with cows milk. With no other option, we bought a goat! Our herd grew, goats, family pets and children we ran out of room! We bought Cobbles farm 1982 it was falling apart at the seams. After renovating the cottage we moved in. By this time Liz had gone ‘horse mad! and we had the idea of starting up a livery yard and riding school.

With 2 horses and a field to ride in, Cobbles Farm Equestrian Centre was born. Over the next 20 years we rescued animals, fostered them from local animal charities. These included a herd of cows, sheep, goats and various breeds of wildfowl including a gaggle of very unruly Geese and in between, we were expending the ever popular riding school with more horses and facilities, erecting the indoor school and ménage and renovating the yard stables and building and farm house. As busy as we all were we LOVED IT!!!

Liz took over the daily management of the riding school school and livery yard in 1998 with her brothers supportive in a ‘silent mode’. They help with the general maintenance of the farm. We have always instilled into our children the ‘family comes first’ and it’s with this ethos that we have been able to make Cobbles the supportive, neutering caring, fun family environment for us all to play, work and learn in.

We really hope you enjoy your time with us and that you take the ‘Cobbles magic’ with you wherever your horsey dreams may take you.

Pat and Bruce Curtis



We are committed to providing all our riders with a fun and safe learning environment. We strongly believe that all riders should have the opportunity to learn all aspects of horse and pony care from mucking out, sweeping the yard, to grooming, tacking up, feeding and turning out. Teaching is given in the indoor school and outside ménage. We cater for all abilities, ages starting at the minumin of 4 years old, into your more senior years.

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