Jul 3 2014

The council brought out a planning permission in February for a motorway junction right by and though our yard. At the same time as losing the yard if it goes ahead it will be destroying other business and running thought green belt land. Although there had been a paper petition that now does not count. Here […]

May 6 2014

Friday morning Liz starts of with the daily routine and changes when she go to the girl field and finds a foal stood next to Merry. Merry had a beautiful baby girl called Sylvia Mae. Now at 4/5 days old she is growing in character and going to be a fun handful 🙂

Aug 1 2013

Welcome to our new website. We will be adding to the site every week – keeping our blog up-to-date with all of the latest and greatest news from Cobbles Farm. If you like the site please make sure you keep coming back and let us know how we can improve things! 🙂