About our lessons

We are open on tuesday, wednesdays and thursdays. We take bookings for private , semi private lessons or hacks from 10 am – 2pm each day & then we  take bookings from 4pm – 8pm each evening. Our evening group lessons are for riders who are not riding with the assistance of a lead rein.

On wednesdays we take bookings for pre – school children of 3 – 5 yrs old  for a 20 minute ride. These bookings can be made between 10am – 2pm.

We also offer a great package for home schooled children who wish to ride on a regular basis to help parents provide their children with a broard ciriculum.

On saturdays we are open from 9am to 7pm and offer half hour group, private or semi private lessons. Saturday lessons are set  for lead reins riders, just coming off the lead rein and novice  non lead rein riders.

We frimly belive that all abilities of rider should experience all aspects of riding, so even on the lead rein, when ypu are ready, you will go for a hack, have a go at cantering and even do some jumping within your lessons.

First Lesson

We recommend that all our riders have a  half hour private lesson to begin with. This is so we can  assess your riding ability and advise  you on which group lesson would be most suitable for you.( Please read our guidelines on what to wear for your first lesson.)

We have riding hats to the current british saftey standard which you can borrow free of charge until you purchase your own.

Prior to your first lesson we  require you to complete a rider registion form and a signed copy of our rules and regalitions.(available to download )

All first lessons are to be pre – paid.

Payments are accecpted in cash or cheques , payable to ” Cobbles Farm.”

Returning to Riding

Children often start riding,give up after a while and then express an inrest in starting again! In these circumstamses we reccomend that they have a half hour private lesson first to get them “back in the saddle” and to refresh their riding skills, prior to offering them a space in a group lesson.

We also love been able to offer and encourage parents to take some time out and “have a go”. Private lessons are available for you while the kids are at school and we also hold monthly “coffee cake and cantering” evenings  for you all.It doesnt matter what abilty you are we just want you to experince for joy of riding.(We have a weight limit.)

Riding School Pricing

Call to book a lesson from £16
Coffee, Cake & Cantering £25
Pony Party starting price from (Call for details) £50
Tots Trot 20 minute ride £12
30 minute semi-private lesson £24
45 minute semi-private lesson £35

 Term Time Opening Hours

School Holidays.

Over all school holidays we do not provide your usual booked evening lesson. Saturdays all normal booked lessons continue with the exception of the Summer Holidays, where normal booked Saturday lessons stop until September as well. we hold lot of different events over school holidays for these details please look at the calendar/Event page.

Tuesday – Thursday (am) 10:00 – 14:30hrs
Tuesday – Thursday (pm) 16:00 – 20:00 hrs
Saturdays 09:00 – 18:15 hrs